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Dhiyanah Hassan

Dhiyanah Hassan (she/they) is an artist, writer, and energy worker focused on art, healing, and transformative spirituality. She describes the latter as honing and refining the capacity to change deeper into the truth of one’s Heart to support showing up for the present moment grounded in spiritual wholeness.
Publicly, I choose to be subtle and private about my work with the intersections of faith and sexual diversity. This is currently necessary in allowing me to show up for my work while managing compromising health and potential security issues. Whenever and wherever possible, I hold creative and healing spaces that are queer and multi-faith affirming in my work. This takes place primarily through group or one-on-one sessions when available through my website, as well as on my Patreon community portal, a space where I share resources, insights, and teachings from my own experiences as a queer person of faith with a focus on art and healing practices. – http://www.bydhiyanah.com & http://www.patreon.com/bydhiyanah


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